Consultant Services

Do you need some help on a legal or audit issue but don’t want to pay the steep legal fees associated with a large law firm if you don’t need to? I may be able to help you. I offer consultant services in two main areas:

First, if you are considering legal action against a person, a business or a government entity, or are on the receiving end of such action against you or your business, I will sit down with you and discuss the merits of your proposed action and the level of help you may need in prosecuting or defending such a case. Such a meeting is called an “initial consultation”. This is normally a 2-hour consultation for a flat fee of $350. Prior to the consultation, I will review limited documentation related to your case that you provide and do limited research on the law affecting your matter. If your matter is clearly beyond the scope of my ability to advise you, I will not agree to meet with you for this initial consultation. If I agree to meet with you and, after the end of our initial consultation, you wish to hire me as your lawyer or to act as a consultant for you or your business we will work out a separate contract for such representation. If you need a lawyer or consultant and don’t want to hire me or I do not believe that I can take your case, I will try to find another lawyer or consultant to help you. I may recommend a large law firm or highly experienced lawyer depending on your matter. The initial consultation does not establish a continuing attorney-client relationship, but I will keep your matter confidential to the full extent the law allows.

The second level of consulting services I offer is to give you continuing advice regarding your legal or business issue or service. As an example only, if you are a health care provider and are subject to an audit by the government I will advise you regarding the audit process, provide support by reviewing and helping you organize documents, assist you in drafting policies and procedures you are lacking and draft correspondence for you to sign addressed to regulators conducting the audit. While lawyers can be helpful in the audit process and you may want to have a designated lawyer interfacing with the government, such an arrangement may bring more scrutiny to your situation by the government than is either necessary or desirable. Advice behind the scenes may be more productive and keep the level of heat turned down. As an example only, you may wish to become a laboratory director, obtain a professional license or open a new business and need advice regarding the matter. I may be able to help you regarding such matters and will not take your matter if I don’t think I can help you. I can help you with filling out the proper forms, reviewing your documentation, reviewing your credentials and pointing out matters in your background that may be disqualifying or need mitigating.

Because I am not formally representing you by appearing in Court, negotiating directly with third parties or signing letters as your counsel, my responsibility is limited by our contract and my hourly consulting fees are generally lower and will fall between the $150 and $300 range depending on the complexity of the matter, the urgency of the matter and my experience handling similar matters.